President Administration Hospital, 2015

Address: Moscow, Losinoostrovskaya 45

  • Supply and installation of 2 clean x-ray aperating rooms
  • installation of all doors in the medical department of Urology number 2
  • installation of X-ray protection doors with lead equivalent (Pb) 2 mm

OEZ Tehnika Vnedrencheskogo Tipa, 2015

Address: Tomsk, Prospect razvitia, 3
Supplied and installed:

  • Installation of X-ray chamber with a lead equivalent (Pb) 8mm
  • Automatic Sliding X-ray protective door

PAO Kriogenmash, 2015

Address: Balashikha, Lenin Avenue 67
Supplied and installed:

  • Projects x-ray cameras 1 and 2 floors
  • Protect walls and ceiling in the chambers 1 and 2 floors
  • Gates automatic sliding
    equivalent (Pb) 30mm (1 floor)
  • Gates automatic sliding
    equivalent (Pb) 12mm (2nd floor)
  • Swing X-ray doors
    equivalent (Pb) 3mm

Kamov Helicopter Plant, 2015

Address: Lyubertsy, ulitsa 8 Marta, 8
Conducted work:

  • Pre-installation inspection of facilities
  • Screening of premises from the x-ray radiation

VPO Tochmash (ROSATOM), 2013

Address: Vladimir, ul. Severnaya
Supplied and installed:

  • Radiation-sliding automatic doors
  • hinged metal door
  • X-ray automatic gates