“Stavr Prom” provides complex radiation protection of health care centers and industrial enterprises. We offer turnkey solutions for all kinds of x-ray protection and radiation shielding. We do our best to make cooperation not only productive, but also comfortable to our clients.

We are always on time, on budget, on value!

Services that “Stavr Prom” can provide to our customers:

  • Pre-plan study of an industrial projects that needs x-ray protection
  • Creation of technical specifications for designing x-ray proof boxes/rooms (shielded wall systems)
  • Layout design preparation of x-ray proof rooms
  • Budget determination
  • Radiation resistance calculations
  • Supplying and construction
  • Unique technique of setting up x-ray protection plates without needling a lead.
  • Passing the radiation safety test

Our experience in setting up x-ray protection plates gives us a valuable knowledge in this field.  While working on your project we obey all the safety measures. And work on the most effective ways of construction. So, if you do need an experienced team to control every aspect of constructing, then “Stavr Prom” is the right choice!