Doors for PET/CT rooms

“Stavr Prom” Provides

  • pre-project research and project development to equip doors for studies specialized PET/CT series STIVA-PET/CT
  • manufacture PET/CT doors in accordance with the project
  • supply and construction STIVA-PET/CT doors for any openings protected neutron and X-ray
  • Product warranty STIVA PET/CT
  • post-warranty maintaince
  • in case of need “Stavr Prom” can equip PET/CT studies with special protective screens with any given equivalent lead

In clinical practice, the sensitivity and accuracy of diagnosis combined PET/CT plants is significantly higher than each treatment separately. The unique combination of PET and computed tomography PET/CT allows to reveal even the smallest tumor structure and pinpoint their location. Therefore, in modern diagnostic centers are increasingly set the camera combined PET/CT.

Method radionuclide diagnosis found its application in three medicine branches: oncology, cardiology and neurology.

When implementing diagnostic procedures  by PET / CT methods there is always a question about staff safety who works with closed and open sources of ionizing radiation. This problem is solved by applying to work with closed and open radionuclides the latest technological devices and equipping workrooms with  automated systems and protective box, which gives effective protection of staff and patients from different types of ionizing radiation.

An important component of the complex premises equipment for PET and CT are specialized door modification STIVA-PET / CT, made on special projects under the premise with scanners certain power of ionizing radiation. Materials that are used for   STIVA-PET / CT door design can delay  X-ray and neutron radiation.

PET / CT doors application: 

  • radiodiagnostic compartment equipped with PET / CT scanners
  • Areas of radionuclide generators for the isotope (cyclotron)
  • Radiochemical complex for the production of radiopharmaceuticals
  • Research radiochemical laboratory
  • Nuclear medicine

Design features of  PET / CT doors:

  • steel thickness – up to 5 mm
  • Box of stainless steel; filling – lead sheet on a metal base
  • aluminum or stainless steel frame
  • Wood block of the leaf is closed with stainless steel U-shaped profile
    radiation protection material – lead sheets up to 25 mm! Boreted and polyethylene (5%) – up to 150 mm
  • weight from 700 kg to 3000 kg
  • high-powered automatics
  • the ability to control the door from the console room
  • leaf thickness is from 50 to 350 mm

Door leaf coverage:

  • high-pressure HPL plastic – resistant to shock, ultraviolet radiation and can withstand frequent disinfection
  • HPL -Plastic provides long-term operation STIVA-PET / CT door
  • Stainless steel (possibly with staining)
  • Galvanized steel with polymer coating

Radiation protection STIVA-PET / CT sliding doors

  • Used in products lead insulated from the environment and eliminates the possibility of human contact with them. This requirement is provided by the design of the door unit.
  • Borated polyethylene is attached to the frame, filling laminated (5 layers x 30 mm).

Filling with the protective material (lead sheet) is produced over the entire area of the STIVA-PET / CT door leaf.

Control units:

  • upper suspension – a mechanism for sliding structures weighing up to 3000 kg
  • consists of profile rollers and bearings with adjustable height.
  • stopper to mitigate inertia stop of the PET / CT door leaf
  • Mount the guide rails on the wall
  • decorative cover on the mechanism for sliding stainless steel construction

CAUTION! Construction of STIVA-PET / CT doors series should be performed in areas with completed finishing works (with the finished walls and floor) !!!

“Stavr Prom” provides warranty.

The Company “Medicine” is one of the last objects where our company “STAVR PROM” successfully and on time delivered STIVA-PET / CT doors.

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