Radiaton protection for cars

The company “Stavr Prom” provides:

  • Development of the project for the protection of the van from ionizing radiation leaks during transport hazardous radiation facilities
  • Production in accordance with project X-ray proof inner container for a vehicle
  • Supply and installation of x-ray proof container «RADA-AUTO» series
  • 1-3-year warranty
  • post warranty service

Laboratory inspection

For the organization of operational quality control of products  specialized portable flaw detection laboratories  are used.

These laboratories allow to make magnetic, ultrasonic flaw detection of radiation products and to interpret  images with the subsequent conclusion about the quality of products.

How to make  a car radiation resistant:

  • The internal design of x-ray proof chamber (in a vehicle) is developed individually, according to the present specification and calculation of the x-ray protection and refined after the actual measurements
  • Material Protection – lead attached to the profiles specially designed to ensure the continuity of x-ray protection. Protection of technological holes van provided in accordance with the nodes that are provided in addition.
  • Company “StavrProm” mounts x-ray protective screens within the inner tubes and portable flaw detection laboratories.

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