X-ray Proof Doors

The company “Stavr Prom” provides:

  • pre-plan study and development
  • x-ray proof automatic/ non-automatic doors
  • x-ray proof door design
  • producing, according to the  x-ray proof door project
  • supplying and construction x-ray proof doors
  • 1-3 year warranty
  • post warranty maintenance

Radiation proof automatic doors can be constructed in industrial flaw-defective laboratories, radiation chambers,  in studies equipped with proton accelerators, Cath Lab’s, x-ray studies and radiation safety cameras, where settings with source of radiation can be used. Also x-ray proof doors can be set up in accommodations of all kinds.

“Stavr Prom” produces x-ray proof door of all sizes and which can guarantee gamma, beta, neutron rays biodefence.

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We produce x-ray proof doors according to customer’s project documentation. The company “Stavr Prom” supplies and professionally installs automatic sliding or hinged doors or other X-ray proof designs with different levels of protection against ionizing radiation or gamma radiation.

Complete protection against radiation by the door is ensured by using a sheet of lead within the required thickness of the door leaf. If you want to protect staff from the fast-neutron irradiation, these doors use plates made of polyethylene with boron. Built-in viewing window of any size, protected from light. The thickness of the sheet of lead provides multiple attenuation equivalent  0.5 – 300 mm Pb (in some cases up to 400mm Pb)

Door leaf with protection against radiation combined, can be single or double-wing, glazed or deaf. As coating material of a radiation-shielding blade can be used.


1. HPL-plastic
2. Stainless steel, powder painted
3. Stainless steel unpainted
4. Galvanized steel, vinyl flooring (antibacterial)

Material of the box for the door with radiation protection – stainless steel, not painted or powder painted

  • lead sheet and the required equivalent thickness
  • borated polyethylene plate

Door with radiation protection set of good quality durable accessories. By type of the opening the door  can be hinged or sliding. The company “Stavr Prom” mounts radiation-protective doors. X-ray proof doors can be equipped with bumpers made of stainless steel 200 mm high at the bottom of the web and at 600 mm from the bottom of the webIf you order an automatic door with anti-radiation, it is important to know that if the building fails electricity or it is completely absent, the door can be opened manually. With the advent of electricity, all systems begin to function normally.

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