The Panel Screens And Radiation-Resistant

The company “Stavr Prom” provides:

Design and production of all types of x-ray screens

Suppling x-ray screens “Tartek” of given configuration with the necessary degree of protection against various types of radiation:

  • X-rays
  • gamma radiation
  • short-wave electromagnetic radiation
  • neutron radiation,
  • proton radiation

    for the treatment of tumors is also used streams of particles, i.e metered exposure: electrons, heavy nuclear particles such as protons and heavy ions.

1-3 year warranty

X-ray screens are designed to protect industrial workers, as well as staff and patients in medical Institutes from the harmful effects of X-ray or other penetrating radiation. Used in areas with X-ray sources in the industry, medical and scientific institutions and installed in  x-ray chambers ,x-ray boxes, X-ray rooms and others.

Screens that are supplied by “Stavr Prom” is a panel, lined with HPL plastic and held together by steel profiles. Polyurethane foam is used as filler.

Material protection against ionizing radiation – Lead rolling sheet.

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