X-ray proof operating rooms “turnkey” solutions

The company “Stavr Prom” provides full equipment for x-ray proof studies  «PIRAN»series :

  • pre-project survey and preparation of technical project of x-ray proof studies  «PIRAN» series
  • X-ray proof studies «PIRAN» series design with all the architectural, engineering and technological features of the building and modern technologies
  • we supply and assemble a set of x-ray construction using  x-ray proof materials and taking into account the necessary degree of protection against X-rays
  • We also supply and construct special floor coverings and ceilings for x-ray proof studies  «PIRAN» series and providing radiation protection across the surface of the floor and ceiling in accordance with the requirements of the project

Radiation protection is achieved by applying a special x-ray proof materials used in the construction, so X-ray study design requires special consideration.

What materials are used in the construction of X-ray studies?

For  a complete protection from scattered X-rays through the walls, floor and ceiling we use a special plaster barite (barite concentrate), which is applied to the surface of the entire study box at the stage of construction and finishing works.

Another option – the use of x-ray special panels from “Stavr Prom” by Stavr-XRay brand, which also completely isolates  the studybox from penetrating gamma and X-rays. These special Stavr-Xray panels have a certain amount of lead, which provides the necessary radiation proof.

The most reliable protection from a very strong radiation is achieved by the construction of study boxes with a special lead bricks that are joined together by the “dovetail” and provides a powerful x-ray proof around the perimeter of the room.

What determines the type of the applied X-ray proof material and its consumption?

Type of the protective material should be suggested at a design stage and is defined as the linings of the building, as well as X-ray equipment, which is planned to be installed in a study box.

An x-ray materials consumption  also depends on the kind of a diagnostic installation study and determined by the power of the emitted ionizing radiation.

X-ray proof doors

X-ray door frames, including door frame built into the doorway and door leaf, provide full 100% protection against ionizing radiation.

Types of x-ray of doors:

  • Sliding doors combined (usually with automatics)
  • Metal swing doors
  • Wooden swing doors
  • Sliding doors X-ray

Sliding doors have so many advantages and also they have their own features

A sliding door unit consists of:

  • doors sheet (composite construction)
  • Hanging roller mechanism
  • bottom rail and door stoppers

In automatic door unit in the upper part of the opening above the lintel to the suspension mounted automatic opening-closing door (made by the EU) mechanism , protected by a special box.

Automatic X-ray doors are equipped with emergency response control devices which do not allow the door closing if the aperture is not free.

Design features a sliding door

When designing the recoil of the door unit should be possible to roll back toward the door panel, i.e. near the opening should be enough space for it. And also  necessary to distance t the lintel for fixing outboard engine and the possibility of its service

Benefits of x-ray sliding doors:

  • Sliding door X-ray protective covers fairly large openings that are not possible with a swing door.
  • Sliding unit can have a very high equivalent of lead (Pb up to 10 mm)
  • Can be installed  with automatic (push-button or touch door open system)
  • It is possible to include in X-ray protection door  the neutron radiation protection
  • Door leaf is covered with special high pressure (HPL) plastic.
  • Plastic has a very smooth texture that prevents settling of microparticles and microorganisms.

X-ray swing doors

In swing doors, this effect is achieved by using a sheet lead equivalent required in the construction as the door leaf and door frame. Moreover, the door leaf is always made with a fold (porch) for complete overlap of possible radiation leakage.

Swing door  may also be one and double-swing, depending on the width of the opening.

To the door leaf can be integrated x-ray protective viewing window

Radiation-door leaf can be protected from mechanical damage by special baffle plates for hands and legs.

X-ray proof products: windows, screens, shutters

X-ray products are widely used in X-ray studies. Windows, screens, and shutters have a corresponding equivalent of lead and are designed to protect people, both inside and outside.

When designing studies, please, pay attention to the following factors:

  • X-ray equipment and installations, which are planned to be installed to the study
  • The type and power of ionizing radiation
  • Features of the building / wall material, floor, ceiling, condition, and size of the openings

Plan of an adjoined  to the  main space ray source permisses considering attenuation due to the presence of obstacles and the distance to the X-ray machine

Placing objects inside the X-ray unit with the sanitary rules and norms.

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