X-ray Proof Screens

Экраны радиационнозащитные

The company “Stavr Prom” sets x-ray proof screens and provides:

  • calculation of the project to protect the premises from the radiation type and power of the radiation source
  • production of an x-ray proof screens “TARTER”  series, according to the project of any complexity
  • Supply and installation of screens “TARTER” series
  • 1-3 year warranty
  • post-warranty service

Protective shield from radiation – a device with a surface reflecting, radiation absorbing and transforming energy of different types of radiation, also  used to protect them from exposure.

  • Screens scattering
  • Protecting screens
  • Lead or concrete screens in nuclear engineering

“Stavr Prom” develops, designs, supplies and installs shields TARTER of any kind and with any lead  equivalent or other protective materials.

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