X-ray proof windows and shutters

The company “Stavr Prom” provides:

  • pre-project research and development project to equip the X-ray rooms with windows and shutters
  • production of x-ray products in accordance with the requirements of the project
  • supply and installation of x-ray proof windows and shutters with the required degree of X-ray protection
  • 1-3 year warranty
  • post warranty service

X-ray windows

X-ray windows mounted in prepared openings for harmless observation of the patient  and of the equipment during the X-ray studies. Used in different branches of  radiation protection.

X-ray windows are made according to the sizes: 240×400 mm; 400×400 mm; 500×500 mm; 400×800 mm; 500×1000 mm; 600×800 mm; 800×1000 mm; 800×1200 mm; 1000×1200 mm.

X-ray window provides protection against X-rays due to the special  glass and a special frame that carries a hidden layer of lead shielding.

X-ray window frame is made of two-millimeter metal profiles, covered with a polymer coating.

Material Protection – Radiation-protective glass (glass plate) in accordance with GOST 9541.

Standard (the order) is considered radiation-box with a lead equivalent of 2.5 mm Pb

however, can be made X-ray windows having 1.0; 2.0 and 5.0 mm. In special cases can be made x-ray protective box with a lead equivalent of more than 5.0 mm Pb, after ordering a lead equivalent of 2.5 times.

X-ray shutters

The shutters are installed on the X-ray window opening of a x-ray studies, space radiation sources in order to protect individuals outside the x-ray studies from radiation.

X-ray shutters are made only by the individual sizes of the customer and are capable of providing multiple attenuation.

The type of shutters- sliding, hinged or removable is selected in accordance with the architectural and planning features of X-ray study space.

leaf shutters is a structure of metal plates with polyurethane and an additional protective layer of fabric inside the lead sheet.

X-ray shutters over the entire area covered with polymer powder paint, light gray color, resistant to disinfectants and abrasion.

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